I'm so honored and proud of the women i get to serve.

I went from having 27 jobs, a failed business, and dropping out of college, to creating my own six figure photography business! I discovered my passion for photography while living and teaching English in Taiwan. And now I've empowered over 300 heart-centered entrepreneurs to feel confident on and off the camera! I coach hundreds of photographers around the world through my online courses and Masterminds on how to build abundant and sustainable businesses. When I'm not behind the camera, I love being a mom to my two beautiful boys, traveling the world, living room dance parties and indulging in margaritas! 

I'm Meg! Wife. Mom. Photographer. Wanderluster. Margarita lover.

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Brand photography is not just about a gorgeous website, saving time in your business, and endless content that stands out...


That's what I really love about what I do.



To empower more passionate entrepreneurs to feel confident on and off the camera. Through authentic Brand Photography, we help you attract soulmate clients and build a business and life you’re wildly obsessed with. 




We believe true confidence comes from within.
We believe in starting before you’re ready.
We believe perfection isn’t cool anymore.
We believe you don’t have to share everything to be authentic.
We believe you are enough just as you are.
We believe our bodies are worth celebrating at every stage and age.
We believe life is too short to do uninspired work.
We believe everyone has a purpose and gift worth sharing.
We believe in working less and living more.
We believe in being wildly passionate for life.
We are the change makers of this generation.


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What I value Most:

A girl knows her limits
but a wise girl Knows she has none.
- marilyn monroe

Meg is an absolute gem! She totally gets me and captures me so well. Meg did such an amazing job getting me comfortable so I could really show up as me in the photos. She does such a great job in translating my essence, my energy, my everything, through photos! 

- Steph K., Mindset Coach

Meg did such an amazing job getting me comfortable...

Meg made me feel relaxed and in my zone, like a goddess!

I remember feeling like, 'I can’t do this, I’ve gained a lot of weight. And I won’t look good in my photos.' But on the shoot I felt super empowered! Meg made me feel relaxed and in my zone, like a goddess! And it felt amazing to really harness that energy, which has shown up in multiple ways in my business.

-Brea G., Brand Designer

Meg is so much more than an awesome photographer. She is a branding/marketing strategist, coach, extraordinary net-worker and a lot of fun. The process you take me through in terms of knowing what my brand is and who my ideal client is works 1000% because I definitely attract ideal clients with those photos. She will more than deliver on her promise to make you feel confident AF! 

-Roni M., Manifestation Coach

She will more than deliver on her promise to make you feel confident AF!

After researching dozens of photographers for my branding shoot, I am so glad I picked Meg! Not only was she absolutely charming to work with and gave me all the tools I needed to succeed with my shoot, she delivered hundreds of jaw dropping photos to use for my website, social media, PR kits and marketing material that makes my true authentic personality shine. Thank you for creating such an empowering experience for me and setting my brand on fire!

-Julie A., Meditation & Intimacy Coach

Thank you for creating an empowering experience and setting my brand on fire!

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