Krystle Church sitting in a chair at her brand photo shoot location.

“Location is one of the main ingredients to having an irresistible brand photo shoot.” Meg Marie

I recently had an incredible photo shoot with my lovely client Krystle Church. Her photos were phenomenal, and a key reason is the two beautiful locations she chose for the backdrop.

When Krystle came to me, she wanted images to streamline her branding and amplify the look of her online presence.  

She knew she’d be in California, so the timing of her photo shoot couldn’t have been more perfect! 

For her first location, she rented a gorgeous loft in Downtown LA to capture her Boho vibe. And for her second location, she rented a private pool for a fun, beachy feel.  

The two locations added a unique quality to her photos and made them brighter, crisper, and cleaner. These fantastic images highlighted her brand colors, making her website, social media, and overall branding to die for. 

I always advise my clients to rent at least one location for their brand shoot — it up levels their images in a fun and appealing way. When you look at Krystle’s photos, you can see that the location played a major role in why her photos are so magnetic. Her personality radiates through every single picture.

Krystle sitting on the floor and leaning against the wall with her laptop on her lap and open.

A little background on Krystle: She’s an incredible copywriter and copywriting consultant. She’s a world traveler, digital nomad, and has been traveling the world and building her business for the last ten years. She’s such an amazing woman, and I absolutely admire her.
You can check out her Instagram here if you want to see the marvelous lifestyle she lives.

Why Beautiful Photo Shoot Locations Are Worth the Investment

When hopping on a planning session with my clients, the *very* first thing we pin down is location. Location is the foundation for the rest of the photo shoot. It solidifies everything else about the experience, like: 

  • What to wear
  • What accessories to bring
  • Whether you’re going to be standing or sitting
  • What props to bring
  • …and so much more

I recommend renting a location because you can literally choose what details will be in your photo backdrop.

Close-up of Krystle leaning against the wall holding up a boho-style full-length mirror.

You’re already putting so much time and energy into your photo shoot. You’ve taken the day off, gotten your hair/makeup done, and picked out a whole new wardrobe. So, might as well go ALL IN and invest in a perfect-for-you location to make sure your background brings everything together seamlessly.

There are four main ingredients to having a successful brand photo shoot:

  1. The location — To reflect your personality and brand’s mission.
  2. Hair/makeup — To ensure you feel radiant and stunning for your big day. 
  3. Wardrobe — To make sure you’re sporting the look that aligns with your brand.
  4. Your photographer To make you feel confident and safe.

When all four of these elements come together, your biggest photo dreams become better than what you ever wished for. 

The loft Krystle chose for her photo shoot was on the 8th floor and faced east — perfect for morning sunlight. It had enormous 12-foot windows with tons of natural light pouring in.

The details of the space matched the Luxury-Boho vibe she was going for and had a minimalist feel to it. This way, it didn’t distract from the main subject — her. The loft featured a mirror with a special trim that complemented the boho vibes. And the furniture was all luxury. Everything about this place was spot-on for her branding, which made a difference in her final images.

At the private pool location, we showcased the free and luxurious lifestyle she lives. This portrays her in an authentic way because, hey, sometimes she does get to work poolside, which is fantastic!

Krystle sitting in a lounge chair outside by the pool with her laptop open in front of her.

So my advice? I highly recommend investing in a photo shoot location. A place that aligns flawlessly with your brand. 

Without a hand-picked location, you risk having your brand look less coordinated, which could hinder your overall branding. 

If you’re wondering how to even begin finding a location that perfectly highlights your branding like Krystle did, I got you. Here are some ideas where you can find your ideal location.

How Can I Find a Photoshoot Location?

Many of my clients have asked me, “where can I find a location for my photo shoot?” 

And I have a few different methods I always give them. Here are my top three ways to find your perfect photo shoot location, so you can get a head start on your search.

Krystle sitting on the floor, leaning against a couch and smiling.

1. Peerspace

This is a godsend for photography sessions. It’s basically like Airbnb for photo shoots. There’s a cool search feature where all you do is add your activity (ex: a photo shoot), the city of your photo shoot, and the day you’re looking for. It’ll then give you many options to choose from. Such an awesome tool.

Krystle sitting on the floor with one leg up and her elbow leaning against it.

2. Home Studio List

This is another great one for finding a beautiful location. There are tons of spaces to choose from there. You can filter according to what you’re looking for — whether it’s a mansion, a lakefront home, a beach home, or a cabin. The sky’s the limit. There are so many choices — make sure to choose one that aligns with you.

3. Rent a nearby location

If there’s a location you have your eye on in the city of your photo shoot, chances are you can rent it out. Places like hotels, beautiful cafes, and restaurants are a few that come to mind. Some require a small fee, and others don’t — it depends on the location, so it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Krystle sitting on the floor with one leg up and her elbow leaning against it.

What’s important is that you have a clear vision about what location is right for your brand. Think about what words describe the look you’re going for.

Krystle and her husband sitting on a pool lounge chair looking at each other and smiling.

When I first start working with my clients, I have them write down the words they want to express in their photo shoots. I also ask about their brand story and who they want to connect with. 

Then, I look at the details of the locations and make sure they match what they want to express.

When I started working with Krystle, these were the brand words she came up with: 

  • Fresh
  • Luxury-Boho
  • Light
  • Powerful yet fun
  • Freedom
  • Refined Beachy
Krystle sitting on a white couch in a loft photo shoot location, looking away and smiling, with a blazer resting on her shoulders.

And you can see from her photos that this is exactly what we achieved together. These words were what informed the locations. 

The calming pool helped define her freedom and refined beachy side. And the luxe loft helped showcase her fresh, luxury-boho, light, and powerful essence.

The back of a woman sitting next to the pool with her feet in the water as she holds a drink.

We were able to show the epitome of the lifestyle her ideal clients are yearning for, which was the ultimate goal. 

Plus, we had so much fun on this shoot, and I am over the moon with how the photos turned out.

The Result of Choosing an Amazing Photo Shoot Location

I’m over-the-top passionate about the importance of investing in a location for your photo shoot. As a photographer, I see how much it can uplevel your photos to the absolute max. 

When you have magnetic photos, your ideal clients come knocking on your virtual door excited to work with you. 

I’ll leave you with a few BONUS tips to keep in mind when choosing a photo shoot location: 

Choose a location that is not super distracting. Locations with minimal decor are best, so it doesn’t distract from you and your branding. If a location is beautiful, but there’s too much clutter, the viewer’s eye goes straight to the backdrop — taking away from you.

Make sure the location is either neutral or includes your brand colors. If your brand colors clash with the background, it’ll distract the viewer’s eye. The focus should be all on you for your personal brand. 

Locations with gorgeous natural light are the most flattering on your skin, so it’s best to choose spaces with tons of natural sunlight.  

Krystle leaning against a palm tree next to the pool.

If you need more help finding the perfect locations for your brand shoot, I have a plethora of San Diego options under my sleeve. I’m happy to help. 

Krystle sitting in a pool lounge chair, holding a drink and about to take a sip

As a photographer of over 5 years, I’ve established relationships with some stunning San Diego locations, and I make sure to share those with my clients. I offer a special Peerspace board with top locations I recommend for your shoot so you can book your unique space. Or we can go over different location ideas on your planning call.

If you haven’t yet booked your personal branding photo shoot, I’d love to work with you so we can get you some outstanding photos you can’t wait to show off! Check out my services here

Oh, and by the way, I also travel, so if you’re outside of California, I’d love to meet you in your town too. 

Here’s a sneak peek of Krystle and me behind the scenes right before her photo shoot

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