As entrepreneurs, we all struggle with how to write Instagram posts. Mainly, how often to post and how to capture your ideal client. I can personally relate, the number of times that I have sat down at a computer to schedule a post and get complete writer’s block. Many factors come into play here like overanalyzing it for grammar, questioning if it’s on brand, or worse, that my audience won’t be able to relate. As a result, feeling disappointed, once I finally get the post live on IG and it doesn’t receive the engagement that I had hoped.

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That’s why I reached out to the incredible Amber, the cofounder of @topknotcopy ! Top Knot Copy helps small businesses & nonprofits write content that’s as fire as your morning coffee!!⁣ She helped us uncover the top ways Instagram posts can capture your ideal client.

Here’s their tips below on how to write better Instagram posts to capture your ideal client.

female entrepreneur capturing her ideal client
  1. Start with a scroll stopper. Don’t be afraid to dish out an unpopular opinion or lead with a bold statement. Even better, say your opening sentence out loud and reflect. Would that make you stop scrolling?⁣
San Diego brand photo shoot that captures your ideal client

2. Analyze the heck out of your ideal client – all the way down to their favorite coffee order. The more you know about your ideal client and their pain points, the better you can serve them!⁣

Health and wellness entrepreneur creating content to capture her ideal client

⁣3. Write as you’d talk. This isn’t your 9th grade English class, this is YOUR business and your potential clients. Above all, they want to connect with and get to know YOU.⁣

create a brand that captures your ideal client

4. You’ve got an entire arsenal of emojis at your fingertips – use them! Catching and keeping a readers’ attention is easier when you are able to express yourself. Don’t be shy, use fun and bright emojis sprinkled throughout your post.

San Diego photo shoot with women of color to capture her ideal client

⁣I always try to keep Amber’s tips at the top of my mind when sitting down to batch content. They have helped me write better Instagram posts to capture my ideal client.

Added Bonus Tips To Capture Your Ideal Client!

In addition, I also try to write towards my brand’s content pillars with each post. Resulting in, staying on topic and on brand which keeps my audience’s attention. Another super easy tip is to add some space between thoughts or sentences on a post, there is no need to write paragraphs.

Lastly, don’t forget to add a call to action like tagging friends below, downloading your freebie, or answering a fun question.

Without stating the obvious, make sure that your content is well matched with a mixture of original photos and photo’s that capture your brand. The combination of the two can result is pure magic! Most importantly, create leads that convert.

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