Rita’s mission as a spiritual life coach is to help women become their most authentic, the highest version of themselves!

breath work coach in La Jolla getting brand photos

A little bit more about the gorgeous Soulvita! 

Let me start with how much I love the name Soulvita, which translates to “soulful living”. 

In this paragraph, I want to share with you a little more about the fabulous, Rita, who was born and raised San Diego but her family is from Morocco. She loves to travel and explore the outdoors, the beach is her happy place. Recently started a new journey as a spiritual life coach, after hitting rock bottom  3 years ago. She shares that she had a huge awakening that allowed her to heal past trauma, change her habits & mindset, and most importantly align with her true authentic self. She has done a magical thing by turning her pain into her life purpose. 

As a spiritual life coach, she can help you align and rediscover yourself through soul work, healing, and self-love. Her superpower is her intuition, empathy, and ability to guide women through their pain and repurpose it into their power. 

Firstly, as with every client, part of my process is to get to know their brand in depth so I can make sure to capture the essence of it on camera. I always ask for their client avatar and Rita shared this with me.

My ideal client would be a woman who is looking to better herself and is willing to put in the work, but just doesn’t know where to start and needs that extra support/guidance.”


5 things this spiritual life coach did to capture her brand

1. On Brand Location

We did a half-day session for Rita which includes two locations. She knew she wanted the beach to capture her brand mood of a liberated free spirit (something she helps her clients achieve).

For her first location, she rented space from @homestudiolist that we both felt was in alignment with her brand. Full of luscious green plants (one of her brand icons) and boho decor that matched her brand color palette! The homey space was perfect for creating an intimate authentic feel, like the soulful work she does with her clients.

Soulvita a spiritual life coach

2. Chose wardrobe in her brand color palette 

Besides the gorgeous space, every single one of her outfits and props was intentionally in her brand colors. This is going to make her website, client guides, newsletters, social media, and more, really all come together beautifully! Sticking to your brand color palette makes your brand more memorable and gives your audience an unforgettable FEELING Make sure you choose brand colors you love to wear.

3. This spiritual life coach gave 100% 

Rita poured herself into the planning and it showed. From renting a space to her outfits to the props. She was intentional about the woman she wants to attract as her client. She even made a Pinterest vision board of images she loves (which I encourage my clients to create).

La Jolla beach photoshoot for a spiritual life coach

4. Rita brought her spiritual life coach vision to life, with Pinterest 

I share this tip with so many of my clients but Rita really put work into it which you can see with her stunning photographs. She created an extensive Pinterest board with the poses, images and vibe she wanted to create. In other words, having this kind of prep really helps us get to work once we were in the space and capture the best images. Resulting in, enough time to really play with the props, outfits, and location.

Spiritual coach photoshoot
n diego brand shoot prop ideas

5. She channeled her ideal client avatar during her photoshoot.

I’m obsessed with the energy Rita brought to the day! She really tapped into herself and how she wanted to show up as a spiritual life coach for her ideal clients. For instance, during the photo shoot, she lead me through one of her practices by closing her eyes, lighting sage, and clearing the room to open up space to bring the energy we needed for the day. 

ideal client avatar for spiritual life coaches
Brand photo shoot in san diego for a local spiritual coach

Lastly, if any of the above resonates with you then please reachout to Rita

or me so we can create your own brand magic!

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