“Personal branding is the new marketing”

Woman in white blouse and black skirt, sitting on the floor and leaning on a small table during her personal branding photography shoot.

Ever wonder what all the fuss is about when it comes to personal branding?

I mean, you don’t have to go very far online to hear business owners talking about the importance of personal branding and personal branding photography. 

So there must be something to it… right? But what? 

You’ve probably asked yourself this question at some point on your entrepreneurial journey. 

And I’m about to answer many of your questions in this very article. 

So, let me really quickly tell you what personal branding is. Then I’ll get into why it matters and how it can be applied to your images — and how it can get you more followers.

What the Heck Is Personal Branding? And What Can It Do for Your Business? 

Personal branding simply put is how you come across to other people. 

Most importantly — how you want to be seen by the people you want buying from you.

Smart entrepreneurs put in the effort to create a strong personal brand. This is how you look good to your followers and audience. 

Two friends sitting next to each other during their personal branding photography session, and smiling at the camera.

And this is why people like Oprah, Beyonce, and Jennifer Anniston all have publicists. One of the things publicists help with is their personal branding, and how they come across to their fans.

They pay these people to do this for them, so they can be sure they’re viewed in a positive light.

Now, apply this to your own business.      

Building a personal brand will help you stand out in your market and connect you with your audience. Humanizing your brand goes a very long way. 

Here’s what building a personal brand can do for your business: 

  • Build the “know, like, and trust” factor 
  • Help you stand out in your market
  • Give people another reason to follow you other than your product/service
  • Give you more space to pivot your business in another direction

All of this will ultimately get you more sales! 

And full disclaimer: That’s the main reason why you started your business. That and making an impact in the world. 

Listen — traditional marketing just doesn’t work anymore. People want to buy from real people, not companies. It’s more fun that way.

Can you imagine if people were following you for the mere sake of being you? 

Well, this is what people do now. 

This recent stat makes this concept oh, so real! — 83% of millennials want brands to align with their values.1

And honestly, that number will probably continue to rise. 

This is why the influencer market has taken off. Influencers are more trusted because of their authenticity.

In my own business, I talk a lot about photography, photography life, being a mom in business, my passion for travel and adventure, and my love for margaritas.🍸 

I don’t do this just for the sake of talking about these things. It’s all very intentional. This way people can connect with me and my brand in a variety of ways. They can also recognize my brand in many different ways.

When I talk about being able to pivot in other directions, it’s because once you gain followers who know, like, and trust you — you can experiment with other things because they’ve already developed a connection with you, not just what you offer.

Now, let’s relate this to photography and why it’s important for your personality to come through in every photo.   

Woman standing in the doorway, looking at Meg Marie, and posing for the camera.

Why Personal Branding Photography Is Important

Personal branding photography is dear to my heart. 

Because I believe so much in the power of personal branding and the impact it can have on your business, along with my love for creating beautiful pictures — I truly believe this career found me. 

So why is creating the perfect images important for entrepreneurs like yourself?

Because giving your audience a visual concept of who you are can draw them to you, and connect you to them in a magnetizing way.  

You can show off the person behind the brand, which is crucial since people buy from people, not brands, as I’ve said previously.

So the more you show off that stunning, authentic side of you, the more captivated your audience will become. And when you use a personal branding photographer, you’re getting someone who specializes in that area. 

Woman in a tie-dye shirt and blazer, standing in the living room, looking at the camera.

A personal branding photographer isn’t your run-of-the-mill photographer. We’re experts at bringing out the side of your personality that portrays who you are and how you want to come across. 

You are unique. So if you have competitors in your industry, people will want to work with you based on how you come across as a person. That’s why it’s crucial to work with a professional who knows how to get your personality to shine through during a photoshoot.

We can recommend all the right props that bring out your sass, professionalism, or quirkiness (whatever pairs perfectly with your unique personality).

Plus, photoshoots are fun, right? 

A group of five women, all dressed up and taking a group photo for their personal branding.
Eight women in a kitchen, all dressed in black and smiling toward the camera during their personal branding photo shoot.

I know. You’re wondering what personal branding photography rates are like. The truth is they can vary from photographer to photographer. The more premium the experience, the higher the investment — but the rewards are endless!

Plus, if you share photos of your lovely face on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, you’ll get a lot more engagement since many social media algorithms prioritize photos of people. This leads to a higher ROI. 😉

This is HUGE! 

It’s literally a no-brainer. 

Woman sitting on top of a table at Born and Raised in San Diego wearing a black tulle dress and heels.

Check Out My Branding Photography Collections 

Now that you understand what a personal branding photography session could do for you and your business, go out and book yours! 

You are so worth it. 

I’m so excited for you to get brand new pictures to show off to your audience. 

If you’ve loved the photos you’ve seen in this article and want some for yourself, let’s talk and see if we’re a perfect fit. I travel all over the world! It’s kinda my thing. I’m looking to help spiritual entrepreneurs, business coaches, and thought leaders level their brand up SEVERAL notches!

  1. https://www.prdaily.com/report-83-of-millennials-want-brands-to-align-with-them-on-values/

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