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Ready for another tip on how to create raving fan clients that come back again and again? 

The secret ingredient is…

Amazing client communication. 

Clients are so impressed when you take the time to walk them through your photo shoot process. 

If they’ve never had a brand session before, they NEED your expert guidance. And it helps them know what to expect. 

Plus, you come off as responsive, organized, professional, and easy to work with. 

Doesn’t that sound incredible?

So, if you’re not nailing your client communication, it can hinder the whole client experience. 

But I know emailing back and forth is super time-consuming.

I mean, why would you want to be glued to your inbox? Especially when you could be doing other important photography tasks? Like picking locations, figuring out props, or creating a key shot list.

And yes, those are essential too. But you also need to make sure that your client is prepared and has everything buttoned up before the photo session. 

But no worries. It is simple — believe it or not.  

All you need is a little bit of automation and pre-written email templates. 

In this article, I’m sharing some of my favorite email templates with you. I use these for my own personal branding clients. 

They save me sooo much time and keep each individual session neat and organized — from start to finish. 

Why Should You Have Email Templates for Your Personal Brand Photography Business?

There are many reasons why having email templates is such a life-saver for your brand photography business. 

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The first reason is that they help create a premium experience for your clients. When you let them know what to expect every step of the way, your client is happy throughout the process. 

The second reason is that they save you time. If you have prewritten emails, then you don’t have to create the same email over and over again. 

The third reason is that they save your client’s time. Your clients won’t have to spend time asking you questions if you answer them before they even ask.

The fourth reason is to make sure you and your clients are on the same page throughout their whole brand photoshoot experience. So they show up looking their best and feeling confident before you ever whip out your camera.

Email templates have helped me immensely. That’s why I wanted to share my most important ones with you. Feel free to customize each one for your own photography business. 

My 5 Brand Photography Email Templates

I have about twenty-three in total, but here are 5 of the must-have email templates I use with every single one of my clients. 

These templates save you time, upgrade your client communication, and give you a foundation for an incredible client experience.

The emails I’m sharing are sent out when a client officially books a session

Let’s get into it. 

Email # 1. The Welcome Email

This is where I set expectations for my clients so they know what to expect from my shoot. 

Here’s how it goes.

Hi ________,

Congratulations on booking your brand photoshoot. We’re going to have so much fun creating a beautiful library of authentic and gorgeous images for you. I’m beyond excited to work with you because _________________.

I want to thank you for choosing me as your brand photographer. I know from experience that boldly stepping on camera is not easy. But you have nothing to worry about. I’m going to guide you in unlocking a whole new level of confidence.

Please Flag and reference this email for all things planning. I want you to be OBSESSED with your photos and a little prep work goes a long way. Here’s where to start on your Confident AF on-camera journey…

**I then go on to give Steps 1,2, 3, and 4 where they get my welcome and style guide, a brand questionnaire, and a link to book our Zoom planning session. And I advise them to book hair and makeup for the shoot — then wrap it up with what’s below. 

I absolutely LOVE when my clients get really creative and involved. So don’t hesitate to reach out via email with your questions or ideas. Please keep in touch via email & I will get back to you within 72 hours Monday – Friday. Family and work-life balance are very important to me, so I am not available on the weekends.

Pretty please hit reply to confirm you received this email and booked your planning call.

See you on our planning call.

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Email # 2. Brand Questionnaire Email

This one is essential. It helps me to get to know their brand so I can make sure I’m capturing them exactly how they want to be portrayed. 

Here’s what it looks like. 

Hi ________,

I am so excited to work together and support you on your journey of building a beautiful and impactful brand. It’s really important to me to capture your brand in the most authentic way possible, which is why this questionnaire is so important.

Click the button below and fill out your brand questionnaire! Give yourself about 20-30 minutes to complete it because you can only submit the form once.

If you haven’t booked your planning call here’s the link again: <Book your Brand Vision Planning call>

You can reach me through email anytime with your questions. I am here to support you. I check my email Monday – Friday & will get back to you within 72 hours.

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Email # 3. Photoshoot Map Email 

I send this a week before their shoot day. I create the actual map in Canva. It shows our plan for the entire day. This ensures that everything is organized, and helps them so they don’t forget anything.

Here’s what it looks like.

Hi ________,

I can’t believe your brand shoot day is almost here. You’ll soon have a fresh library of content at your fingertips 🙂


To help support you in being as prepared as possible, I’ve created a custom Photoshoot MAP + Prep Checklist for you attached to this email.

On the MAP you’ll see:

  • Our timeline + locations for the day
  • Prop packing list so you don’t forget anything
  • Your key shot list to review
  • Number of outfits I recommend at each location – feel free to send over pics of you wearing your outfits. I’m happy to drop the pics into which locations I think will be best on the MAP – this will help with packing/organizing later so we maximize our time together

Please take a look at your MAP and let me know if you have any more questions for me 🙂

Please text me at ________ so I have your phone number along with any more questions you have 🙂

See you soon.

Here’s a snippet of what the map looks like. 

Email # 4. 10 Ways to Look Good on Camera 

This is just a fun little bonus to prep them for the camera. I’ve seen the most beautiful people in the world get on camera and still feel nervous. This helps your clients prep for the big day so they can feel Confident AF.  


How’s planning the details of your brand photoshoot going? I wanted to share my top 10 favorite tips for looking good and feeling amazing on camera…


It’s SO crucial that I’m putting it first. Don’t put off packing your clothes, props, and other items until the last minute. Plan in advance which outfit you’ll wear to each location and pack accordingly. I suggest bringing a rolling suitcase, a wardrobe bag for wrinkle-prone clothing, and tote bags for convenient outfit switching. The more organized you are the more looks we can get in.


Are you scheduled for hair and makeup yet? Almost 95% of my clients receive a gorgeous blowout and a natural makeup look from an expert. Consider asking for a glam makeup look with a pop lip if your brand is bold! Bring two or three images to show your artist the kind of look you’re going for. And ask them how to prepare your face and hair for your glam sessions.


On the day of your photo shoot, set up an “out of office” email response and get some rest. Think about taking the day before off as well. For ambitious business owners like us that can sound insane, but getting enough sleep is crucial. You want to arrive well-rested and energized.


Being well-hydrated and well-fed the day before your photo shoot is essential for appearing gorgeous in pictures. In order to prevent facial bloating the week before your photo shoot, increase your water intake and cut out alcohol. Hydration gives the skin a healthy glow. Healthy dietary habits will help you feel and look beautiful.

**I go on to give them six more tips to help them with their entire prepping process. The more you help them, the better prepared they will show up, and the easier your job will be.

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Email # 5. Client Feedback Survey and Review Email 

I send this out a few weeks after they get their images. It’s so important to get feedback, and evolve your client experience to see what you can do better and what you’re doing right. 

Here’s how this one goes. 

Hi __________,

I hope you are enjoying your photos. I wanted to check in and see if there are any other ways I can serve you. I also wanted to invite you to take my short client survey and leave me a review. 🙂

Reviews mean the WORLD to me and it’s how my small business continues to run. I truly appreciate your feedback.

Here is the link to my short and sweet survey: <Insert survey or google form link here>​

Here is the link to leave your review on my Google: <Insert Google My Business Review link here>

Some clients record a 15 – 30 second video. You can record it on your phone to tell me about your favorite part of your experience. If you have a minute to do that please text it to me. I’d love to feature it on social media AND I would also be happy to gift you 10 more photos added to your gallery as a thank you!

Thank you for choosing me as your photographer. And please let me know how else I can support you and your business.

There you have it. Those are 5 of my favorite photography email templates that have never failed me. 

And the best part? These can totally be set up so they’re automated through a CRM platform like Honeybook (this is what I use, and happy to give you an affiliate link. Just ask. It’s literally $1/mo for 6 months with my link). 

In a small business run by only you – and maybe a few others on your team – automation is your best friend. It saves you so much time and energy.

Steal My Photography Email Templates for Yourself

Now that you’ve seen some of the email templates I use for my own clients, be sure to take them and make them your own. 

Remember to customize each one to make it fit your own brand and business. 

Trust me, your life will be so much easier, and your clients will be so impressed with your mad communication skills. 

These email templates help your clients maximize their time with you so they’re OBSESSED with their photos in the end.

Want a few more bonus email templates for your business? Go here to get 3 Bonus Photographer Email Templates free so you can really wow your clients.   

And if you want to take things a step further, get my full list of email templates inside the Confident Brand Photographer, a self-paced course to help you set-up your entire brand photography client experience start to finish! I include emails for before and after the shoot too. So you have every email you need to magnetize your brand photography business like a boss.     

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