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Are you ready to magnetize your soulmate clients with your beautiful on-brand photos?

As a spiritual entrepreneur, you want your brand session to result in photos that will attract the right people — so you can help them in the way you were meant to. ✨

After all, a big reason you do what you do is to improve the lives of the people around you. 

And getting the most out of your branding session is what’s gonna get you the max number of usable photos – so you can reel in an abundance of ideal clients. 

Imagine leaving with a wide variety of beautiful images you can’t wait to show off on your website, sales pages, social media, and everywhere else you can think of!

You can achieve this by making sure you are fully prepared for the day.

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When you arrive at your photo shoot, you want to bring the right energy and exude confidence so you can show up your very best on camera. 

You not only want to get physically prepared but also mentally prepared. Show up as your best self by doing just a few things to put yourself in a positive mental state. 

Today, I’m giving you a behind-the-scenes look with all the tips I give my clients so you can walk into your photo shoot feeling confident AF!

Prep Your Mindset for Your Brand Photo Session as a Spiritual Entrepreneur

There are so many ways you can get into the headspace you need to create some magical images you’re obsessed with. 

Spiritual entrepreneur doing a mindset ritual in the water at the beach while wearing a mala bead necklace.

As a personal brand photographer who works with spiritual entrepreneurs, I absolutely love doing rituals with my clients to prepare them and take them on a blissful journey. 

Getting your mindset in order plays a huge factor in how you feel on your big day, so don’t skimp on this. 

Here are some mindset tips to get yourself in the zone for an incredible photo shoot:

➤ Do a Mindset Meditation Beforehand 

Meditation is a powerful way to get zen before your photo shoot. It’s a great way to reach within and get rid of any negative feelings you’re having about the day. You can do this before your photo shoot or once you get to the first location. You can even request your photographer do this with you so you can both get into the spirit. I LOVE doing this with my clients.

➤ Use Powerful Affirmations

Mirror affirmations can be so impactful. Write some affirmations for how you want to feel in your photo shoot. Write these on a sticky note and stick them to your car mirror. This way, they’re visible to you before your shoot. Here are a few ideas: I’m ready to express my true self. I love the way I look. I embrace my flaws. 

➤ Play Some Fun Dance Music 

This one is so much fun! Music can completely change your mood and loosen you up. If you have your favorite tunes to move along to, turn it up. It lifts up your energy and creates a fun vibe and space. And ultimately, more authentic photos. I do this often with my clients — before and during our photo shoots. 

Woman in a dress and jean jacket, enjoying the San Diego beach with her hands up in the air.

➤ Pop Champagne

Pro tip: don’t overdo this one. But a glass of champagne before or during the shoot does wonders for easing your nerves. Many of my clients have done this so you’re not alone. I recently had a client bring a whole bottle of champagne to our beach shoot. She didn’t drink the entire bottle of course, but even spiritual entrepreneurs can have a glass of champagne during their shoot. No judgments here.

Woman holding a glass of champagne, wearing a mala bead bracelet during her spiritual entrepreneurship photo shoot.

➤ Do a Confidence Boosting Ritual 

Create your own high-vibe ritual. It can be as simple as a five-minute ritual you do before your photo shoot. It can be anything from meditating to saying affirmations in the mirror or a mixture of both. This one’s open for what you want to create. And again, you can do this with your photographer! I often do this with my clients at the start of our photo shoot.

Your mindset is a powerful thing. Taking five to ten minutes to focus on creating positive and comfortable energy goes a long way for the rest of your day. 

Woman journaling in bed on top of a white comforter.

Practical Prep for your Photo Shoot as a Spiritual Entrepreneur

I believe there should be a balance of mindset and strategy for a successful shoot. When you have both in order, you’re likely to feel the most energized. Here are some practical ways to prep as well. 

➤ Have Your Props Picked Out and Ready

Props add that extra oomph to your photos and help you feel more relaxed during the shoot. Make a list of props you want to bring. And pick ones that help you tell your brand story. But keep in mind: less is more. Five to ten is a good number of intentional props to bring. Some ideas could be spiritual books, mala beads, sage, goddess cards, and Palo Santo. Pick props that match your brand, personality, and what you actually use with your clients in your spiritual practice. Pro Tip: Think about three stories you want to tell with your props, and base your decisions around them. 

Spiritual woman sitting on a white, fluffy rug wearing a head covering and sticking out her tongue.

➤ Get Organized

Working with so many spiritual entrepreneurs (and being one myself), I know that if you’re not organized, you’re going to be distracted and you won’t be able to give it your all. So, make sure you have all of your clothes, makeup, shoes, and everything else you’re bringing organized and ready. Have your outfits neatly paired together so you’re not sifting through all of your things before a location. 

There you have it! My secret tips to help spiritual entrepreneurs get mentally and physically prepared for their personal brand photo shoot.

Follow these tips, and you’ll be fully prepped and ready to shine! Lights. Camera. Action. You’re on!

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Remember, You Don’t Have to Have It All Figured Out

One more piece of inspiration and advice to leave you with. Don’t feel pressured to have everything figured out right away. 

These tips are crucial to having the utmost success, but your photographer will help you get everything buttoned up before your shoot. That’s what the planning session is for. It’s where all the magic comes together. 

A planning session is super intentional and you leave feeling ready and knowing exactly what to expect.  

And remember, don’t over-plan. Plan just enough to feel comfortable, but not so much that you feel anxious.  

I cannot wait for you to have the most rewarding experience. I have no doubt you’re gonna be amazing on the day of your shoot. Hey, you might even impress yourself. 

And if you still haven’t booked your session, go here to contact me about your spiritual entrepreneur brand photo session. Let’s get you some photos you’re absolutely gushing over. 

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