Woman sitting on a brown couch smiling toward the camera during her branding photography session.

When it comes to a personal branding photoshoot, there are two main options you can choose from. You could opt for a mini photography session, which is the quicker and more affordable option. Or go all out and book the full branding session. 

If you’re wondering which of the branding photography packages is right for you… no worries – we’re digging into that today.

I get this question quite a bit from my clients, so I can’t wait to talk about this with you. 

Woman sitting on a brown couch smiling toward the camera during her branding photography session.

Each type of session is so much fun for my clients and me, plus each one has several unique benefits. The best option for you depends on your needs and goals for your brand. 

Let’s get into each, so you can leave knowing exactly which one is right for you. We’ll start with the full personal branding session, which I like to call the full Meg Marie Experience. 

What Is the Full Personal Branding Photography Session?

The full personal branding package, aka the Meg Marie Experience, is a 3 to 4-hour shoot (sometimes more) where you leave with a year’s worth of content.

It’s your tailor-made one-on-one option where we go to at least two main locations. My clients sometimes rent a decked-out space so we can get even more variety.

We typically have 6 to 10 different outfits, so you get a wide variety to use in many different ways.  

What Does the Full Personal Branding Photography Package Include? 

Woman standing in an outside cafe smiling and posing toward the camera.

The full branding session is my signature offer. It’s the fully customizable option, and every decision is made for your brand only. 

This personal branding photography package includes: 

  • 50 brand images, along with professional editing
  • A personalized zoom strategy call where we get super clear on your vision
  • My expert opinion on things in terms of your personal branding 
  • A key shot list creation, so we’re fully intentional with every photo
  • At least two beautiful locations (with the option to do more or rent a space)
  • Intentionally cropped images for wherever you plan to use them
  • The top hair and makeup recommendations (some of my clients even book a wardrobe stylist!)

Also, one thing my clients rave about is the detailed brand questionnaire before our zoom call. 

This is how I make sure I get clarity on your vision and really level up your brand when it comes time for the shoot. 

My number one goal is for my clients to walk away loving every single photo! So all the prior preparation is so you can be blown away by your photos. 

I love seeing my clients get so excited to see their images and say, “I can’t believe that’s me.” 

And while, yes, it’s a higher investment, it’s gonna save you so much time and energy to have a library of photos to choose from and lots of different options. 

So, if you’re ready to go all in on your business and truly invest, I recommend doing the full Meg Marie experience. 

Now, let’s talk about the mini branding photography sessions.

What Is a Mini Photography Session?

Woman talking on a cell phone sitting on a white sofa surrounded by plants.

Simply put, a mini-session is a low-cost option for your branding photoshoot. It’s usually about a 30-minute session, and you’ll walk away with ten images to use for your brand. 

It’s an easy commitment, a fun day, and you’re usually in and out in about two hours, which is why many of my clients fall in love with them. 

Another plus is the mini sessions are up to 80 percent less than the price of my full branding session rate.

Talk about a steal!

What Does a Mini Photography Session Include? 

Woman standing in front of a white sofa posing with her hands on her hips.

Although a mini session is more like an appetizer than a full meal, you still get a ton of value! 

It’s an all-inclusive lux experience. 

The mini branding photography package includes: 

  • 10 photos you can mix and match to use for your brand (with the option to add more or even the full gallery!)
  • Hair and makeup team included to get you all dolled up before your debut
  • Neutral background and location that pairs with and elevates any brand
  • The option to bring 2 or 3 props to add a fun accent to your photos
  • The option to add reels to your session

A downfall is that you’re sharing your day with others, so the experience is not one-on-one.  

But I offer a bonus group call to have a mini brand strategy session. This is always fun because you can connect with other business owners and bounce ideas off each other. 

So, although it’s a quicker and shorter session – you’re still gonna leave with amazing photos and value. 

Woman sitting on the sand at a San Diego beach with a journal on her lap and smiling toward the ocean.

So, Which of the Branding Photography Packages Is Right for You?

There are obvious benefits to each. Let’s do a quick breakdown of who each is right for. 

Opt for the mini-session if… 

✓ You’re looking for a refresh or just need a few photos for a launch or website.

✓ You want a fast session where you’re in and out within 2 hours.

✓ You like the idea of having a shoot with other business owners around you.

✓ You don’t need a ton of outfit changes, just a few powerful options.

If all of these fit your needs, then the mini-session branding photography package is a great option for you! 

Opt for the full Meg Marie Experience if…

✓ You want a vast variety of photos to use throughout your business.

✓ You’re ready to go all in with your business and fully invest.

✓ You have clarity about who you want to serve and what you want to offer.

✓ You want a lot of prop photos to use for your brand. 

Ever done a photoshoot where you felt like you could last all day, and you could’ve kept going? That’s a good sign that the full Meg Marie Experience branding photography package is for you. 

Time to Pick Your Branding Photography Package

Whether you go the mini session route or the full Meg Marie experience way, investing in a brand shoot is a powerful way to say, “yes I’m all in” to the universe and bring that positive energy forward.

A brand photoshoot is a powerful activator to step into the next level. It helps you get more inspired and ultimately does wonders for your business! 
If you want to check out my branding photography packages, you can go here to read more about the mini-session and full branding shoot. Now that you have all of the details, I have complete faith you’ll make the right decision for your brand.

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