Today I want to share why I’ve raised my branding photography prices over the years and how it benefits you as the client. And if you plan to raise your prices in the future too, then save this post to come back to when you need encouragement.

1. My Branding Photoshoots are Catered to Your Brand

Let’s work in collaboration with you to create jaw dropping imagery that gets you noticed and sets your brand apart! I get to really know you, your brand, and your vision. I love meeting my clients in person or over zoom for our planning session. This 1-on-1 time is important so you feel comfortable with me and your photos authentically reflect you.⁣ 

2. I Help You Plan Everything Start to Finish

You don’t have to be a branding expert to get incredible photos, that’s my job! I support you from start to finish with creative concepts, a key shot list, location sourcing, coordinating hair & makeup, wardrobe inspiration, and of course helping you feel confident AF on camera. I am NOT the photographer who takes your money and just shows up on the photoshoot day with no real plan. Let’s work together and add me as a part of your branding photography team!

3. You Get to Pick YOUR Favorite Photos

Not many photographers let YOU pick your favorite images. This service does take me more time on the backend, but I’d rather you get an entire gallery of images that you absolutely adore and will use.⁣ I’m also happy to show you the back of the camera as we go to ensure we capture the key images you need to feel confident in your branding.

4. You Get a Big Variety of Brand Content on One Day

I’ve served over 250 entrepreneurs (and counting) and mastered the art of branding photography. I put a lot of prep time into each of my client photoshoots for a reason – to get you a huge variety of usable content in just one day of photography! Meg Marie clients love and use a very high percentage of their images. 

5. I Am Not Just Your Branding Photographer, I’m Also Your Creative Director

One perk of working with me is that I specialize in helping you unlock confidence and look good on camera! All you have to do is show up, and I will be your personal creative director. Since raising my prices and taking on less clients per week, I’m now able to provide a higher level of energy and service to you. ⁣

6. Commercial Photo Rights are Included WITH My Branding Photography

Some photographers charge extra to allow you commercial rights and usage of your images after the photoshoot. But I like to keep it simple and include all of that in the cost of your session. I do this for my personal branding clients because I know as small business owners you absolutely want the rights to share their images where ever they’d like.

7. Pristine Meg Marie Edits For Your Branding Photography

It’s true, editing 100+ images to look cohesive really does take time. As a busy entrepreneur, it makes sense to outsource this task to a professional like me! That’s why pristine Meg Marie edits are always included.⁣ Retouching is also included on your favorite “hero images,” so if you wake up with a pimple you won’t have to worry. Having a library of gorgeous on-brand content is going to save you so much time down the road when it comes to marketing, social media, and creating courses later. 

8. Branding Photography To Serve You And Your Business for Years to Come

⁣I’m sure you know as a business owner at least 50% of what I charge I don’t keep. When it comes to running a business, taxes and expenses add up (camera gear, editing software, liability insurance, etc.)! If I don’t charge enough, I will go out of business fast.⁣ I want to be your brand photographer for life!

Branding Photography

9. Professional Hair & Makeup Now Included

You deserve to be a VIP! I love coordinating the best hair and makeup professionals for you and including this service in your experience. This way, you get to relax the morning of your photoshoot and save all your radiant energy for the camera!

Branding Photography

10. So I Can Pay Myself

I don’t believe in the starving artist mentality, and I hope you don’t either! The reason why I got into business to create a better life for me and my family. I believe it’s key we both feel a fair exchange of value when it comes to the time and energy investment in this branding photoshoot service. Having confidence in my pricing because I know these photos will attract hundreds of thousands of dollars in client revenue for you and your thriving biz!

Branding Photography

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