Do you want to make a massive impact BUT you feel super awkward on camera? Dream of being a six-figure entrepreneur BUT don’t know the first thing about building a personal brand? Or have paid a photographer in the past to take brand photos and felt like they didn’t represent your brand? I hear ya love! That’s exactly how I felt too but now I want to help you feel confident AF on camera, at your next brand shoot. 

Confident On Camera San Diego Photographer

Ever since all those unflattering yearbook pictures, I never felt confident on camera. But once I had photos I was proud of, I started showing up like the TRUE BOSS of my business! The photos helped me transform my confidence from the inside out and started magnetizing clients to me.

It’s not the photos I fall in love with, it’s the people. The way an authentic portrait can make someone feel. I have found it can be a game changer in their business and life. This is why I’m so passionate about helping people show up unapologetically on camera. This guide will help you get crystal clear on your vision first and then create an epic plan for your shoot! So dive in. Get creative. And have fun!

This one is from the heart, I mean it!
Heart centered and confident AF

My Top 10 Favorite Tips for Feeling Confident AF on Camera at Your Next Brand Shoot. 


I’m putting this first because it’s THAT important! Don’t wait until the last minute to get your wardrobe, props, etc. all packed and together. Decide which outfits you will wear at each location AHEAD of time and pack accordingly. Consider laying out each outfit and taking photos of it on your phone with all the accessories too. I recommend a roller suitcase, wardrobe bag to hang items that wrinkle, and tote bags to throw outfits into for easy changing. The more organized you are, the more looks we can get in!


Have you booked hair & makeup yet?! Scheduled a haircut? About 90% of my clients get a beautiful blow out and a professional natural makeup look for their shoot. If you don’t have anyone you can trust, to help you feel CONFIDENT AF on camera, then ask me and I will share my favorites! (Don’t forget my full day shoots include HMU!) We all have our favorites! If you have a bold brand, consider asking for a glam makeup look with a pop lip! You can do a trial run before your shoot, and bring 2-3 photos to show your artist of the type of look you’re going for. 

Pro Tip: Don’t forget about your nails – Have some fun here and don’t forget your brand colors. 

Use a glam squad to feel Confident AF On Camera at your next brand shoot


Schedule a fun “out of office” email responder for your photoshoot day and sleep in. Consider taking the day before off too! I know that might sound crazy for ambitious entrepreneurs like us but getting plenty of rest makes all the difference. It’s a long day so you want your energy high!

Pro Tip: Use that day before the shoot to do your nails, lay out in the sun for small amount of time to get a natural glow, and get waxed.


Good hydration & nourishment leading up to your photoshoot day is key to looking radiant on camera! Hydration gives the skin a healthy glow so up your water intake and cut out alcohol the week before your photoshoot to avoid bloating in the face! Nourish your body well so you look and feel amazing 🙂 

Pro Tip: Get a hydrating facial or do a face mask a few days before your shoot, I promise, this will give you that extra glow to feel confident af at your brand shoot.

Hydrate and Nourish to feel Confident On Camera


The outfits you wear are SO important for flattering your body and helping you feel good on camera. Did you know subscription boxes like Rent the Runway, Nuuly & Trunk Club are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE (if you are wearing the items for brand photoshoot purposes)?! Order ahead of time in case you need to exchange for different sizes! Most importantly, don’t forget to feature your brand colors!

Pro Tip: If you are totally lost when it comes to how to style yourself then ask me for recommendations on personal stylists for more support. 


Don’t underestimate the power of music to keep you in a big vibe state throughout your photoshoot! Create your own “Confident AF” playlist and share it with me on your photoshoot day so we can play it to help you get in your zone. 

Pro Tip: Stuck on what kind of music to play? Channel your inner Beyonce or Shakira!

Dance to your favorite playlist to feel Confident AF On Camera


Watch this video I made all about my favorite posing hacks on camera! And don’t worry! If you’re not sure what poses work for you, I am going to be posing and directing you the entire photoshoot so we get a big variety of images for you to choose from!

Pro Tip: Create a Pinterest board of your favorite poses and practice them. When it feels awkward, it means you’re doing it right!


Create your own confidence af boosting ritual to do before getting on camera! This could be a lite workout or a yoga session. Your ritual can include positive affirmations, dancing to your favorite song, essential oils, or a visualization to get into a good energetic state. 

Pro Tip: Let’s start with a wine or margarita to get you feeling Confident AF!


This might sound woo woo but they work! Positive affirmations are reminders that can be used to encourage and motivate yourself. Play these for a few minutes each day leading up to your photoshoot while you’re brushing your teeth and getting ready in the morning. 

Pro Tip: You can find a positive affirmation playlist on spotify. Or repeat after me “I am a successful entrepreneur and I am confident!”

brand photo shoot san diego


It’s natural to look at a photo of ourselves and focus on what we DON’T LOVE. Instead, retrain your brain to focus on what YOU DO LOVE about yourself every time you see a photo or your reflection in the mirror. Maybe you love your hair today, your glowing skin, or your smile. Be loving and kind to yourself. Remember, being confident AF on camera at your next brand shoot, doesn’t come naturally to most of us. It takes practice and the confidence is about embracing your unique beauty and accepting yourself just as you are today. 


Did you love this read but feel like you want more? Signup for my Confident AF mini-course that will take you through six weeks of videos on how to feel Confident AF on camera? You can also book a call with me so we can get you the brand photos that you have always dreamed of.

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