Are you ready for a mini session? Feeling that a NEW YEAR means a NEW YOU and that your brand needs a refresh? Have you looked at my full-day sessions and felt overwhelmed with a full day time commitment or just not ready financially, but still want FIRE photos to use throughout the year. 

Well, then I have the perfect solution for you girl! 

Who are the mini sessions good for?

  • You are just starting out and need a handful of brand photos to use on social media and your website. 
  • Launching a new product and need photos for that specific launch
  • If you are a real estate or insurance agent and in major need of those non-boring headshots 
  • Looking for brand photos to focus on a new season such as winter and the holidays

I love my mini-session days! There is always such positive energy in the room and the women come ready to WORK IT and create stunning brand photos. It’s so magical to see all the women hyping each other up and connecting over a glass of champagne.

How does a mini-session work?

You will get the chance to have two 15-30 min sessions spread out throughout the day at two locations. I first find a neutral studio location that can be used for multiple types of brands that allows us to get creative in the space. There are always white walls, lots’ of texture, a kitchen area, beds, couches, and a variety of props. One of my favorite locations is a local studio in San Diego called Hale Productions

Just look at all these amazing photos captured in the space!

hale production mini session
modern studio for photos san diego
san diego mini session studio
real estate agent mini session
East Village Brand Shoot

Typically the second location is outside in nature at the dreamy golden hour before sunset. Sometimes we do the La Jolla Shores beaches, in the city streets in Gaslamp, or at Balboa Park. These are perfect for those lifestyle shots that can be used to show the fun side of your business. Or to show different sides of your magic!

Balboa Park Photo Shoot

Still not sure if a mini session is good for you and your business? In the last two mini sessions I did, we had a mixture of Real Estate Agents, Soul Coaches, a Family Therapist, an Author, a Makeup Artist, PR,  an Attorney, and a Hypnotherapist!

What does mini-session prep look like? 

Oh girl, no need to worry! There is always an option for hair & makeup on location or you can use your favorite connection. But I highly recommend that you hire someone to glam you up and make you feel special plus it limits the stress on the day. Feel free to ask me for my list! 

Prepping for a mini session day is no different than one of my full-day sessions. You will want to make sure you are eating healthy, have enough sleep, feeling glam with fresh hair and nails. We want you feeling Confident AF

To make good use of your time, you will want to organize your clothes, props, accessories, etc. My tip…Plan to wear your favorite outfit after we get a few photos of you. The first few photos are always a great warm-up and we really start to see the magic come out after a few minutes. 

When it comes to the mini session wardrobe, I always recommend at least 2 outfits per session. You can sometimes squeeze in 3 to 4 outfits depending on how quickly you can be. 

My tip….An easy transition, jeans, and a cute top, blazer with heels then take off the blazer and change into funky flats or no shoes at all. Maybe add a fun hat! Remember to wear clothes that make you feel Confident AF! Rent The Runway, Fashion Pass, or Nuuly box are some of my favorite clothing rental companies!

san diego brand makeup for photo session

What props should I use on a mini session day?

Remember, time is limited so we really want to make sure we capture the essence of your brand. You will want to make sure you show your brand colors in more ways than one, a simple way to include them is with journals, books, hats, coffee mugs, etc… Don’t forget your laptop for a few working shots. If your brand is spiritually focused you can include crystals, sage, and even a tarot deck. An easy hack to include brand colors is throw pillows. 

My tip…Head to a local interior design store and pick up a few accent pillows then return them when we’re done. 

Now it’s time to show up and WORK IT on your mini session! (P.S. I only do a few of these a year so when you see them as an option then you should jump on it!) 

One of my favorite parts about our mini session days is the group coaching calls we do for prep work. Yes girl, not only do you get a gallery of fabulously edited photos but you also get real-life coaching calls with me and a group of other badass entrepreneurs. 

Real Estate Agent Headshots

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