Creating our brand photo story is such an important part of the Meg Marie photoshoot prep and can help you step into your full potential and shine on the shoot day. 

San Diego beach photo shoot

The preparation ahead of time sets you up for success, making you feel Confident AF on camera, plus it helps your messaging come across clear to create the ultimate brand story. When I first start working with a client on how she wants to plan her day, we typically create a photoshoot map for her. The map helps us tell the story of not only the day but helps her bring her vision to life. 

It can be so easy to get wrapped up in the wardrobe and styling or hair and makeup, which are equally important but thinking about how the photos will be used and how you want your ideal clients to feel when they see them is just as important. 

Tip: When you sit down to plan your photoshoot go back and read your mission, look at your website, meditate on your company values. I even like to picture my ideal client and how I want to attract her. 

When you start to connect your brand colors, mission, and values to your brand photo story then the vision really starts to come alive. 

How to create your brand photo story with photography

So many of my clients create beautiful and unique stories but I thought I would share Cynthia’s from Equilibrium by Cynthia because she truly took us on an adventure that day through her entire brand photo story.  She created a photomap that lead through four chapters of her photo brand story. 

Cynthia is a true calming spirit to be around and has a way about her that shines energy and light. She is a trained yoga instructor with a private studio in North County San Diego, has a passion for astrology and birth charts, connects with your soul through Reiki and sound healing. Cynthia also leads gorgeous retreats that combine all of the above. 

Equilibrium by Cynthia exists to help you find the joy of balance—because it’s what we do every day that really matters when it comes to health and happiness.

San Diego spiritual leader on beach at brand photo story shoot

Chapter 1: Yoga

Cynthia owns a gorgeous studio space where she hosts one on one and mini-group yoga sessions, that being said the space was too small for us to capture the brand photos that she wanted.

When creating her photo brand story we decided we wanted to shoot the photos in an outdoor setting that showcased the natural elements. 

She wanted the photos to embody the spirit of come as you are, this is your time to let go and lean into your practice. She thought it was important to bring together a group of women to highlight the group sessions which would also be a great way to showcase her yoga story. We chose a gorgeous park with incredible views. In her photo selection, it was important that she had photos of just her clients without her in them to show the real practice.

Group of women doing yoga for brand photos
Yoga coach brand photos in San diego by Meg Marie

Chapter 2: Astrology and Birthchart

Part of Equillibiram by Cynthia is her passion for astrology and reading birth charts. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to shoot her inside a bright white rented studio space and incorporate her brand colors to help tell the brand photo story. For her props, we opted for an astrology book, crystals, sage, and a birth chart printed on luxury paper. Her Soul Growth Sessions is an intentional 7 session course that combines birth chart reading, crystal healing, sound healing, plus yoga movement. It’s pure magic! 

Selecting a natural studio palette for her photo session was really important here so it didn’t conflict with her bright brand color. She also brought along accent pillows to highlight her brand colors and tie together her complete brand story. Cynthia is able to use these photos on social media and her website to promote this offering and attract people to her brand. 

Birth Chart Healing with Cynthia at San Diego brand photo story shoot in studio

Chapter 3: Reiki & Sound Healing

As a Reiki master, Cynthia has a unique ability to connect with her client’s energy and she really wanted that to come across in her brand story. She also wanted to make sure that we captured the authenticness of Reiki so rather we set up a complete outdoor studio with a massage table. She led her “client” through a short energy healing while I captured these stunning images. 

Tip: Be prepared to really step into your practice on photoshoot day which helps your brand photo story come alive. If you are a yoga instructor then stretch that morning so the poses look and feel natural. If you are a coach, then bring props that align.

Reiki healing photo shoot with client
Brand photo props for healer to create your brand photo story
La Jolla brand photographer in park

Chapter 4: Feel Free and Embodied

As soon as we hit the beach Cynthia’s free spirit came out and her wardrobe changed to reflect her personality. These kinds of shots are so important for social media and your website to showcase your personal brand story. 

Creating a complete photoshoot map and brand photo story by separating each of Cynthia’s services was such a magical way to highlight all of her talents. It has made the prep super easy for her and weren’t trying to highlight all four offerings at each location. 

Yoga on beach for photo shoot in San Diego
San Diego beach photos for your business to highlight your brand photo story

Chapter 5: The End Of Your Brand Photo Story

Showing a different mood with your brand photo story with black and white
Adding brand colors to your brand photo story

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