In today’s blog, I’m featuring my client Valerie Adams, mindset and business coach for spiritual women. When I met Valerie she was a dating coach, but now she has pivoted to business coaching! It’s been fun to be a part of Valerie’s evolution and capturing the new version of her brand each year. 

Valerie Adams wearing a black outfit with a white sweater smiling and looking away from the camera.

As someone who’s experienced Valerie’s coaching firsthand, I’ll tell you she is the biggest cheerleader for her clients and a phenomenal coach. I’ve completed both her Peace Out People Pleasing and her Launch Like You Mean It course and they are fabulous!

She always knows *exactly* what questions to ask to motivate her clients to keep taking action and pursuing their mission as spiritual entrepreneurs. And if that’s not enough, she also runs The Mindful Babe podcast where she talks all things business for spiritual entrepreneurs. Be sure to check that out! 

The Mindful Babes podcast personal brand photo with Valerie smiling at the camera. The Mindful Babes Spotify and iTunes podcast description.

Valerie is the perfect example of someone who uses her brand photos every day to catapult her coaching brand. 

And I want to share how she does that.

Because once she started using her brand photos – she had multiple clients tell her they wanted to work with her because they were attracted to her photos. 

She’s been able to confidently show up and post content because she has a library of photos to choose from – which led to her having a multiple six-figure year!

Talk about major growth! 

Hear it from Valerie herself – in case you’re curious. 

On-brand photos can single-handedly pull in your soulmate clients – while making you look like the expert you are.

Because once you have photos you’re proud of, it creates a snowball effect:

  • Your confidence catapults. 
  • Your brand feels solid and well-rounded. 
  • And you can ultimately raise your prices! 

If you’re a coach, having photos that blend seamlessly with your coaching brand is a must-have these days.

And investing in a professional brand photo shoot is one of the smartest decisions you can make for your coaching business. 

Six Places to Use Your Photos to Grow Your Coaching Brand

As a personal brand photographer, I mainly work with coaches and course creators, and I’ve seen my clients use them in many different ways. 

But I absolutely love the way Valerie has been using hers. 

While you can certainly use them in every part of your business – there are key places you can use them to dazzle your clients and reel in more quality leads.

Here are some ideas. 

  1. Your Website. 

Okay, this is a given – but I couldn’t leave it out. It’s one of the most lucrative areas to show off your brand photos and it is the hub of your business. 

Showcase photos on your website that are first-impression worthy

Think about how you want to come across to your clients the minute they are introduced to you. It’s important to have a photographer that brings out your unique energy and connects with your ideal client. That’s how you start building trust with your coaching brand.

Valerie’s Casual to Committed Academy and It’s a You Thing personal brand photos.
Valerie Adams talking into a podcast microphone with headphones on.
  1. Course Covers

If you have a course, adding your photos to the material inside is going to add a visual element and make it stand out.

They make each lesson pop and give your clients a more premium experience.  

Valerie used the images we took for her backend course hub Valerie’s School. 

 A montage of Valerie’s courses for Launch Like You Mean It, Anything is Possible, and Peace Out People Pleasing
  1. Program Covers

Program covers are another great place to use your photos. Your brand photos can make the cover of your coaching program shine!

On top of that, they will pull in clients who are attracted to the energy you’re giving off. And that’s typically the people you want to have inside your program. Am I right? 

Valerie wearing a black outfit with a white sweater on the 6-Figure Flow program cover.
  1. Social Media

Of course, social media is a big one! Having high-quality images for all of your profile pics will make you look super professional. 

This is where people come to connect with you. They want to get to know you on social media, so having magnetic brand photos is crucial. 

It’s a good idea to have all of your profiles feature the same photo. A smiling headshot where you make eye contact with the camera is ideal.

Whether you’re an avid Instagrammer, a dedicated Facebook user, or a LinkedIn advocate – using your brand photos on social is going to get you a lot more engagement!

The Mindful Babe Instagram page photo.
 A montage of social media posts by Valerie Adams with helpful coaching tips.
  1. Sales Pages

Sales pages are a critical touchpoint. Having aligned photos will attract the right people to your offer. The photos should go with the theme of how you want your clients to feel

Think about the transformation you’re offering your clients and base the photos on that. 

Make sure that energy matches the photos. The more you do that, the more people will pay attention and want to learn more (as long as the offer is relevant to them, that is). 

Valerie wearing a black dress on the cover of her website introduction.
  1. Emails

Add photos to your emails for an extra nudge of connection.

Every touchpoint your clients have with you can include an on-brand photo. 

Valerie uses her program covers for all her emails related to her program – including her automatic reminders for her mastermind calls (great idea for coaches to set up to really impress your clients)!

It keeps the full user experience on-brand.

Valerie Adams’ 6-Figure Flow email reminder

Valerie did awesome with sticking to her brand colors for her wardrobe, and that only added to her photos and brand looking spot on. 

Keep that in mind as you pick out your wardrobe and even your props

Valerie wearing a black dress standing next to a kitchen bar and resting her hand on the chair.

BONUS Tips to Keep In Mind When Using Your Brand Photos

There are so many places you can use your brand photos to give your users a premium experience while keeping everything cohesive. 

Once your coaching brand is solid, everything else will fall into place.

Here are a few BONUS tips to keep in mind. 

➤ You can easily make gorgeous course covers using your high-quality brand photos in Canva. There’s a really cool “one-click background removal tool” as an option. Most experienced brand photographers know the best way to capture a photo that can be cropped the correct way in Canva. The 3/4 body crop (thighs up) are my coaching clients’ favorite crop to use for these graphics!

Your energy, your poses, the locations, and the wardrobe all matter! These should all come together to create seamless looks. I love to support my clients with each of these to make sure our photoshoot for their brand is epic AND effective. 

Don’t share all of your images right away. Think about future launches. It’s a good idea to save some photos for offers and products yet to come. You can also do a brand refresh or a mini-session. Many photographers offer these as a quick option if you need some on-the-fly photos.  

➤ Upload your photos into Canva so you or your designer can create everything you need for your coaching brand – all in one place!

Remember, coaches are the ultimate personal brand! And with the photos in this article, Valerie proves that to be true. 

Now that she has photos aligned with her brand, she has more confidence to show up on social media and everywhere else. 

I cannot wait for you to have that same excitement and confidence after your photo shoot. 

Now, go create some magic!

And if you still haven’t booked your session, check out my services so you can choose which option is best for you. Once you know exactly what you want, contact me to schedule your coaching brand photoshoot.

Don’t live in San Diego? That’s okay. I love to travel! I can’t wait to come to your city.  

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