Meet Megan Ladd, a local San Diego Joy coach and powerhouse female entrepreneur that I met three years ago at a Level Networking event and knew that she was my perfect ideal client. 

Meg Ladd Joy Coach

One of my favorite things that I have heard Megan speak about over the years is that entrepreneur burnout does not mean you are doing it right and that you are achieving success. She believes that there should be a work/life balance and we should find JOY every day. 

Megan Ladd is a Joy Coach, she lives locally in San Diego with her husband Will and together they are one of my favorite power couples. She helps female business owners create more success with ease, create their ideal version of work/life harmony, and experience more joy inside and outside their business. 

PS. If your hubby is looking for an entrepreneurial inspiration then I highly suggest you follow him. Will has followed his passion and helps people navigate career change, crush interviews, and land their dream jobs.


Back to the gorgeous Megan, before becoming a Joy coach, she worked in the entertainment industry at Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox, then in the self-help space for several well-known entrepreneurs, including author Danielle LaPorte. Megan simultaneously began her study in Spiritual Psychology, fell in love with coaching, and started her own practice.

What is a Joy Coach, better yet, how can a joy coach help you?

Are you a smart, capable woman who knows how to be successful in your career but are tired of striving for more and feels like you are are not actually fully living presently in your life? Do you feel like you are on a day-to-day emotional roller coaster constantly chasing your next level of achievement but never happy? Feeling like your friends, relationships, or current job no longer align with your heart? 

These are just a small sample of ways that Megan can help you SLOW DOWN, connect and find more JOY! 

Meg Ladd Joy Coach in San Diego

I’ve worked with Megan twice and watched her brand evolve during that time. In this last session we did, she was very clear and intentional with her planning and wanting to make sure she surrounds herself with a photoshoot dream team. Her dream team consisting of HMU but most importantly, she worked with AH Styling to create all 12 looks for the day including accessories. Each style was carefully curated to highlight her brand but also compliment the locations we chose. This is such an important part of your photoshoot prep in helping you feel Confident AF on camera. She selected locations that embodied her brand such as the beach in La Jolla and at her home in San Diego.

Podcast brand photoshoot for joy coach

Check out a few of my Faves from her photoshoot day below!

Photo session on the beach with joy coach
heart centered joy coach
Branding photos in San Diego of Meg Ladd joy coach
San Diego life & joy coach
Brand photo shoot with white wall for local san diego joy coach
Female entrepreneur in red for photo session
Local san diego joy coach for women
San Diego photo session for joy coach
Husband and wife couple at brand shoot in san diego for joy coach business
Male Joy Career Coach

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