When planning a shoot day for my Brand Refresh or Magnetize Your Brand clients, I always try to give them a variety of locations. The day typically includes a lifestyle studio, coffee shop, hotel, the beach and instagrammable murals. 

There are so many colorful instagrammable murals in San Diego. I try to use as many as I can fit into a shoot day! Most importantly, it is really important to align them with your brand, passion, and mission. If you are looking for a bit of inspiration on how to pose, what to wear then check out on San Diego Mural Reel on IG.

Here is a list of my favorite San Diego Instagrammable murals.

brand photo shoot with family in san diego

One of the most unique things about the instagrammable murals in downtown San Diego is that they were painted by a female team. Ladies Who Paint is an incredible non-profit dedicated to empowering women through art and connecting communities around the globe.  Each year they bring 10 local, national, and international female or female-identifying muralists together a week-long bonding experience. The first year of the festival was 2019. The mural festival was skipped in 2020, as a result, of the pandemic but will hopefully resume in 2022. (You can stay updated via their Instagram.)

Colorful mural in downtown San Diego for an instagrammable photoshoot

Colorful Mural – ET TAVEE

A stunning blend of colors that looks like one giant watercolor abstract art piece in the city. 

Where: 1146 Park Blvd. San Diego, CA 92101

There are actually three instagrammable murals against this same wall. All three are great for photos but this one is the best, in my opinion. Parking isn’t the best here but you should be able to find a meter to grab a few quick photos.


“Hi, Hello, Hola” side by side, is located right next to the above Nature/Abstract L Star mural. If blue is your brand color then this is your spot. I love this mural because you can get several different types of looks from it. To get a different angle, stand in front of the white dots then that can be focused in as your background or blurred as a pop of color in the background. You can also pose similar to the below photo and get the entire mural with the “Hello”.

Where: 1466 F St. San Diego, CA 92101

Hello mural in San Diego
Orange and blue mural for an instagrammable photoshoot in San Diego

Betty Larkin 

Betty Larkin is another Ladies Who Paint Mural. It can be found on the side of the New School of Architecture and Design.

If your brand has hues of orange, blue and purple then this is your spot. 

If you want added height or dimension, you can use the white containers that sit right in front of the mural.

Where: 770 12th Ave. San Diego, CA

Nature Abstract / L Star

This vibrant mural of orange, green, red and blue is an instagrammable mural that should not be skipped over. The unique thing about this one is you can get three different background options just by standing in front of it at different angles. 

Where: 1466 F St. San Diego, CA 92101

Mural with lots of color in San Diego for brand photos


Niki Zarrabi is located next to Betty Larkin and has the most gorgeous flowers painted up the entire side of the wall. Most importantly, if your brand is along the lines of pastel colors with purples then you are going to be obsessed with this mural. A quick note, there is a window directly in the middle of this instagrammable mural. Nikki has floral murals spanning across multiple states including Georgia, California, North Carolina and more. 

Where: 770 12th Ave. San Diego, CA

Floral mural in San Diego for fun photos for your brand
Michelle Weiss – ANDSOSHE
Mural backdrop at restaurant for brand photos in San Diego. Lola 55 taco shop with margaritas

Lola 55 Mural

Make an afternoon out of your Instagram murals shoot day! When you need a break for a margarita or two you must stop at Lola 55. It’s an urban upscale taqueria with an award winning chef, they serve some of my favorite tacos and margs in San Diego. Lola 55 has super chic decor for photos and just outside they have a very instagrammable mural full of colorful shapes.

Tip: Be a rebel, take your margarita outside to the patio and sit on the wall. Super fun photo! 

Where: 1290 F St, San Diego, CA 92101

Keep in mind, you will want to take lighting and time of day into consideration when heading downtown to the murals. With most of the murals above, I would suggest sunset time to get that natural glow without any additional lighting.  On the other hand, shooting at the Betty Larkin is best during the day to avoid shadows. I would suggest facing your body North.

Most importantly, if you want to feel Confident AF on camera then stick to your brand colors for your personal brand photos. I would suggest having 2- 3 clothing options that can be quickly changed so you have options and will feel fierce in front of the camera. I would also bring along and a few fun props, such as a bunch of balloons. This instagrammable murals photoshoot can be done with your phone on a tripod with a remote. Or you can enlist a friend who is good behind the camera. In addition, if you are looking to get personal branding photos you LOVE then reach out to me here. I would love to connect! 


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